Seasonal, Fresh Bulk Produce for Cruise Ships

No matter how big the order, Simply Fresh will work with you to provide your clientele with fresh and delicious meals throughout their cruise. Through offering set menus and prices, we can simplify your process. Our fresh cuts service enables you to lower the time required for high volume meal production, and creates more time for the little things.

How does it work?

After discussing the fruit and veg requirements for your menu, our team will hit the markets to source everything fresh for your order. Depending on your preferences, we can deliver the goods as whole foods, or cut and packaged. And if the market supply is looking low, never fear. Our management team is in constant contact with growers and producers meaning that we can go straight to the source, and your customers will never miss out.

We place great value on quality, and believe that produce must be handled with incredible care from the moment it is picked. Understanding the nuances of how best to store, pack and transport produce takes years of experience and training. This is not a task to entrust to a novice. Simply Fresh combines service and quality, through building a team of dedicated experts with decades of experience in this field.